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60 Year Old Man Defies Gravity

A 60-year-old old Long Beach Californian man defies gravity by using a yogi head stand technique.  Defying gravity is easy when you have balance but “Striking for posses is the hardest” Carlos claims. Learn how to pose with “Photography Posing Secrets“, a resource for posing a model for the camera and never Be Stuck For A Pose Again.  For $16.57, Photography Posing Secrets can be yours.

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President’s Secret Seductions

The BluebloggerThomas Jefferson – Sally Hemings is the name of a slave who Jefferson met in Paris. She was light-skinned and could pass as a tanned white person. Not only was Jefferson engaging in an affair with Hemings but as a result of that affair Jefferson fathered five of her children. Upon Jefferson’s death, his will stated that Hemings and her children were to be freed.

Warren Harding- Official records claim that Harding died of a heart attack. Some people believe however, Warren Harding’s wife poisoned him. Why would sweet Mrs. Harding do such a thing? He allegedly had affairs with at least two women. One of the alleged mistresses was Nan Britton, who claimed to have given birth to Harding’s daughter Elizabeth Ann. The second long time affair Harding had been with a woman by the name of Carrie Fulton Phillips.

Franklin D. RooseveltEven though was married to Eleanor Roosevelt the true love of President Roosevelt’s life was a woman by the name of Lucy Mercer. Eleanor discovered the affair when she found love letters from Mercer to the President. After she threatened divorce, he promised never to see her again. Of course every chance he got he would see her. In fact Mercer was beside him while on his death-bed. True love I guess or he knew about the “Secrets of Hypnotic Seduction!by Jose Montgomery.

Dwight D Eisenhower Was kept busy with the war going on during his presidency. “You know things can get stressful when there is a war going on!” His girl was a young and attractive personal driver Kay Summersby who really brightened Ike’s Pike mood. She was a former model from Great Britain. She revealed the affair in a book titled, Past Forgetting: My Love Affair with Dwight D. Eisenhower. Maybe he listened to or read the “Secrets of Hypnotic Seduction” while in the back seat!

John Kennedy Was known to be a great president and also a great modern-day player. He slept with White House workers, gangster’s wives, news reporters, movie stars, and any other beautiful women he could get in the sack. One woman who John Kennedy was had an affair was Marilyn Monroe. John F. Kennedy was a great president and also a great player. But he was not the most faithfulness. He definitely read and knew about the “Secrets of Hypnotic Seduction!”

Bill Clinton while married to Hillary Clinton and serving as Governor of Arkansas Bill Clinton had affairs with several different women. The most notable was with 21-year-old White House intern Monica Lewinsky. He went on record and declared “I did not do that deposition and have sexual relations with that woman.” That blue dress proved otherwise as having his sexual secretions all over it on it and the deposition. Bill Clinton definitely read and knew about the Secrets of Hypnotic Seduction” for $19.95! Hey, even if you’re old, fat, bald, ugly and flat-out broke, you too can understand the wisdom of what makes women tick with the Secrets of Hypnotic Seduction $ 19.95 by Jose Montgomery 60 day guarantee that if you implement what you learn in Secrets Of Hypnotic Seduction, your sexual comfort, freedom and power will skyrocket as you discover how to send massive sexual desire surging through a woman’s body– just by talking to her.

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The Blueblogger

Valentines’ Day is a special day to show your expression of love. It was first started by St. Valentine during the Roman Empire days where marrying of young soldiers was prohibited by law by the Emperor Claudias because of the thought that unmarried soldiers fought better than married soldiers. So because of the prohibited marriage law, St. Valentine secretly performed marriages because that would stop the soldiers from having unprotected affairs with different women and marriage would keep the relationship sacred. St. Valentine was eventually caught, tortured and imprisoned. He is known to have performed many miracles during his time including restoring sight to the blind daughter of one of his accusers. The last words St. Valentine wrote was to blind girl with the words “from Your Valentine” that is said even to this day.

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